So Gourmet - Authentic & delicious products from the South West of France

So Gourmet,Authentic & delicious products from the South West of France

Micouleau's, André Cazaux's and Ageorges Gérial's, three master artisans, heads of three hard working families with one same strong desire: to serve the food Connoisseurs, the refined palates. They finally put their expertiset together, their strong energy and common passion and created in 2014 "So French Gourmet". The French Region of Midi Pyrenees is without any doubt richer in Gastronomy with the arrival of "So French Gourmet".

André Cazaux

André Cazaux charcuterie, fabricant de saucisson sec, jambon sec, salaisons en Ariège

Andre Cazaux is also established in the South West of France, specialized in hand-produced ham delicacies such as cured ham and sausages, fresh blood sausages, regular and flavored sausages.
Many of the rewards collected at the Concours Agricole de Paris (2008-2013) proves that he his a recognized master chef in his category with impeccable standards of production using top quality ingredients in the Grand tradition of French craftsmanship.

Le Jambon d'Auch

Le Jambon d'Auch - Saveurs de Gascogne

Gerial SARL is a family business created in 1992 in Auch (Gers) in the South West of France.
Proudly they produce the most authentic and the freshest ham with a South west recipe.


La Maison Micouleau - Conserves artisanales - Boucherie - Charcuterie

Micouleau's artisanal foie gras producers was created in 1888. Their long time success is simply due to a thorough choice for the best quality ingredients from reputable origin, of course their respect of the traditional method of production kept them away from the use of artificial preservatives, additives, no artificial flavoring or coloring. Those years of perfection were eventually rewarded, in 2014 at the prestigious Concours Agricole de Paris, Micouleau's Semi-Cooked Foie Gras was granted the Gold Medal, the highest award for best product of the year in its category.